Business is booming – or at least some of it is


A main line drains ground water from soil and fill material, drying both out to make them usable for the construction of Town Pump’s expansion.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Rumors are flying around Lewistown, and with the return of construction season, some are focused on the business community. Several may be unfounded, but one or two have a grain of truth.

Cocca Development is moving forward on a multi-store project for part of Lewistown’s west end. In February, Director of Operations Kelly Cocca told the News-Argus the company was looking for tenants to fill the land at the Corner of F and Main Street.

A Burger King franchisee signed a lease early this spring, and Cocca reported the restaurant is taking bids in hopes of starting construction within two months. She said the company is still talking to several other tenants interested in the multi-business project.

On the east end of Lewistown, construction crews are expanding Town Pump. In an email to the News-Argus, Construction and Development Manager Dan Sampson confirmed the business was expanding its building, pumping stations and parking lot.

Sampson wrote the project would create four additional fuel pumps for drivers. Construction will reorganize the fuel pumps, putting eight stations between the store and Main Street. Able to fuel two cars each, the pumps will sit at right angles to Main instead of the current parallel layout.

Before construction, the company had to excavate the adjoining lot to remove unwanted debris and soil, according to Sampson. He wrote structural fill material was being added to restore elevation, and pipes are drying out soil to the point it can be packed.

The adjoining lot will be incorporated into the current Town Pump as parking and a pump site, as well as space for the main building’s expansion. Plans for the building show a much convenience store, as well as an expanded casino.



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