Cattlemen’s Marketing Committee Chair makes the rounds in D.C.


United States Cattlemen’s Association Marketing Committee Chair Allan Sents was in Washington, D.C. this past week, meeting with Members of Congress and Administration officials on market-based issues. Sents specifically met with individuals regarding the 2020 re-authorization of Mandatory Price Reporting and necessary changes and enhancements to the law’s current framework.
Sents commented, “With a new Administration, it is important to get our issues in front of policy and decision makers as soon as possible. USCA’s Marketing Committee has been actively working on recommendations to MPR and we are optimistic of the chance to move needed revisions forward.
“This week’s set of meetings will lay the groundwork for USCA’s fly-in to Washington, D.C. in June,” Sents added. “All USCA Committees are currently hard at work drafting policy recommendations and priorities for the next four years and will present these issues during the trip.”
USCA participated in the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service stakeholder meeting, held this week to address marketing and reporting issues. This week’s meeting served as a follow-up to the initial meeting held in November 2016.
Sents said, “USCA appreciates USDA AMS and their efforts to bring all stakeholders to the table to talk on this important issue. There are necessary changes to be made to our current reporting framework and we are hopeful that these discussions will lead to consensus on a productive path forward.”

Lia Biondo is a spokesperson for the United States Cattlemen’s Association.



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