Central Montana Auxiliary

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Louise Langford. Following the “Pledge of Allegiance,” Barb Janicek led the Auxiliary Pledge and Prayer.

Cheryll Tuss read the minutes of the last meeting that were approved. She also read the treasurer’s report in the absence of Pat Mausehand, treasurer.

Linda Werdin, chairman of the Easter Bazaar, encouraged members to bring lots of baked goods to the hospital lobby by 8 a.m. on April 13. The baked items fly off the tables starting at 9 a.m., and quickly disappear. Linda will be contacting members to enlist volunteers for that day. Advertising for this event will begin in the near future. It was suggested we utilize the hospital TV system to advertise as well as the Community Bulletin Board through Mid-Rivers. Donna Shafer volunteered to contact Mid-Rivers and set that up.

There will be one Easter basket to be raffled off at the Bazaar. Tickets will be available in the near future.

Louise Langford reported we still need more volunteers for the Mail Desk, particularly on Tuesdays. Please contact Nell Cruikshank at 538-5920 if you can help.

The nominating committee for new officers reported they have contacted members with not much success. If you have a desire to serve in any of these capacities, please contact Mickey Dunlap, Jackie Moberley or Janelle Wichman. In addition, you can contact Patty Neeman as well.

There was a discussion regarding the availability of parking spots for Auxiliary members. It seems our designated spaces are frequently used by others, as well as the need for an additional space for members who cover the afternoon shifts. We would like to consult with the hospital staff regarding this issue.

Jackie Moberley reports “Books are Fun” is tentatively scheduled for May 3 and 4. This is a fundraiser for us and people seem to enjoy it.

Mickey stated there are two nursing home residents having a birthday this month. She has done the preparations for it.

Christine Todd reports annual dues will be coming up soon. She encouraged everyone to remember to keep their dues current and if they have questions, they can contact her.

Louise Langford reminded members that the volunteer books and recording hours served, are due in April. Completed books can be left in the gift shop. Louise will pick them up and compute the total hours volunteers have served throughout the year. If you do not have a book, there are extras in the gift shop.

In June, we will be installing the officers for the coming year. The members so enjoyed the festive tea party we had last year and requested it be repeated. The committee of Barb Janicek, Linda Werdin and Nell Cruishank consented to host the party. We will make a special effort to invite those ladies who are nominated for lifetime membership as well as any other former members who would like to attend.

The nominating committee for lifetime membership reported we have six very worthy members that we would like to recognize for all they have done for our organization. We will be notifying them in the near future.

The “Pass-It-On” plate, brought by Frances Hunter, was won by Delores Kropp.

The next meeting will be on April 11 at noon.


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