Choices shall be difficult this time

Dear Editor,

We have three things to tell the people in Montana.

1. The $2 million dollars wasted on the silly cement pond in Lewistown, which can only be used four to six weeks out of the year would have paid for 60 full sized year-round pools built to be used in the Montana weather. We tried to tell these people they could be built for less than $25,000 plus land, set up as non-profits with membership to pay expenses. It would have been so simple and so much more effective.

2. Greg Gianforte is a scam. When one vets him in depth (not on Google, as he has put his campaign nonsense there -- find another browser), you will find this person has lived in Montana just over two years, long enough to allow him to qualify to run for governor; he is not a Montanan; the company he brags about is owned by Cloud and is an outsourcing company. He was employed by them, along with our Senator Daines. We read there were less than 150 Montanans hired at minimum wage. He has hunted and fished in Montana for years -- so have many of my friends but they are not Montanans, even if they own property here. In my opinion, this man lies, cheats and puts on a front; do not get caught by him.

We are not Dems, but at least Bullock is a Montanan and will work with both sides of the aisle. We know him and shall vote, not happily, for Bullock; there is no other choice. The more we find about Gianforte, the more convinced we are he is here to line his pockets with Montana assets. We have attempted several times to contact him; he will not talk with us, and therefore we believe he has no jobs for we Montanans.

3. We are so tired of the Presidential mess, we are nearly speechless. As Independent voters we may do as we please, choosing the best of all. This time it may have to be the least dangerous for our wonderful nation. We do not believe our country will sustain any more open borders, one world economy as is intended by the Democrats, whom we feel don’t have any other choice, and the power of the Clintons is frightening.

Trump may be a better choice, but the powerful elite Republicans are trying to destroy him. We have been around since FDR and through many elections. This one has us; we see no reason for the Republicans to fight amongst themselves, and, frankly, wonder the reason -- losing power or money? We all must make choices, and it shall be difficult this time.

May God be with all and direct us to a safer, saner nation. Bless us all and especially our First Responders and military personnel.

Janice Thaxter




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