The circle of life: the end of one electronic age

Deb Olson (left), secretary/treasurer for the Grass Range Endowment fund accepts a check from Dorothy Kovacich, secretary/treasurer of the Grass Range television district. The television district is dissolving and remaining funds were donated to the Endowment fund.
Photo by Deb Hill

Inventions have led to many activities, conveniences, clubs and more, but with new technology comes the end of one era and the start of another. Such is the situation with digital transmission of waves to deliver television.

In September of 1957, the formation of the Grass Range Television Club led to the construction of an analog translator tower to supply television from Great Falls to the Grass Range area. Later, another transformer was added to receive stations from Billings. The honor system was used to collect revenue monies for the expenses. This did not prove efficient, so in 1964, the group became the GRTV Tax District. 

Several members of the community have served on the TV district board of three people with a secretary treasurer. Bill Lewis faithfully served 35 years. Dick Noble also served 50 years. Secretary-treasurers have been Helen Borowski (four years); Alice Ayers (four years); Gracia Griffith (17 years); Nan Koetitz (six years); Rhonda Vlastelic (three years) and Dorothy Kovacich (25 years.) People who kept the “picture online” are Fergus Newberg, Archer and Kenneth Clark, Ronnie Powell, Bob Noel, Don Petersen, James Roane and George Fitzgerald of Jordan, Mont.

Since this has been a tax district, the discussion to end transmission led to what to do with the remaining monies. Under the direction of Thomas Meissner, Fergus County attorney, the Board decided to gift the Grass Range Endowment Fund with $10,555.36. The principal will stay in the fund with interest available for disbursement through applications to use any available funds. To apply for general community project assistance, write to Deb Olson, secretary-treasurer for the Grass Range Endowment at P.O. Box 191, Grass Range, MT 59032.

Digital technology will now bring your “picture” to you through satellite providers, and you will have “one less tax.”



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