City Commission goes ‘behind the scenes’ at pool

News-Argus Staff


The Lewistown City Commission enjoyed a tour of the Lewistown pool and a short agenda Monday evening.

The Committee of the Whole met with two members of the Parks and Recreation Commission for a tour of the newly opened pool facility. City Parks and Recreation Director Jim Daniels led the tour, pointing out new additions to both the splash pool and adult pool areas. Daniels said funding from the Friends of the Pool was used to purchase shade structures, picnic tables and chaise lounge chairs, making the area more pleasant for pool users. 

Daniels also showed off the mechanical room, where computerized equipment monitors pool water, adds appropriate measures of pool chemicals and governs the sequence and operation of the splash pool water features.

Following the tour of the pool, the COW members heard updates on future work from Daniels, and from Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Craig Buehler. Projects in the works include installing or improving “fall material” in all parks with playgrounds. Fall material is used to cushion the ground under playground equipment. 

Daniels reported a community group is forming to look at creating a trail system on the City’s property at East Fork, and also at the Fish Hatchery.

“We’re looking into a fee for camping at East Fork,” Daniels said. “That will happen, if not this summer, then next. It will help provide some income for the upkeep and improvements out there because we really don’t have funding for those areas.”

Commissioner Gayle Doney suggested City parks may need to close at a set time, to avoid loud parties annoying park neighbors. Daniels said 10 p.m. might be a good guideline, although some special events could be allowed to run later.

Doney also asked whether the income from the Recreation District taxes were meeting income expectations. Daniels said they were, although none of the “extra” funding has been spent yet.

“One of the first things we are discussing is replacing the bleachers at the Civic Center with new ones,” he said.

At the commission meeting following the pool tour, commissioners approved an agreement between the Lewistown Public Schools and the City to share employees and facilities. The agreement has been in place for a number of years, and allows for things such as using the Civic Center for school sports events.

The commissioners also approved a Treasure State Endowment Program agreement for the Riverdale Sewer Program. According to City Manager Holly Phelps, the agreement allows for contractors to start in the fall or spring, whichever is easier for working around the high ground water situation in the area.

The next City Commission meeting will be held on Monday, July 3.


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