Classroom Assessment Scoring System comes to CMHS

Central Montana Head Start staff, shown here earlier this fall, use Classroom Assessment Scoring System scores to assess the quality of teacher-child interactions.                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Carra Godby

Central Montana Head Start is pleased to announce their program Classroom Assessment Scoring System, CLASS scores. The staff at CMHS works hard to provide high-quality instruction and classroom interactions for children’s social and academic development. The chart below delineates CMHS scores versus the National Average based on Head Start programs. The CLASS observations are conducted by third-party contractors provided by the Montana Preschool Development Grant.
The CLASS is utilized in Head Start Preschool Programs, such as Central Montana Head Start, to help programs use an evidence-based tool to achieve relationships and interactions. The CLASS is designed to help programs build and measure effective teacher – child interactions and environments.
Children enrolled in early childhood classrooms need engaging interactions and environments to support their learning. Quality teaching and learning occurs within the context of supportive relationships and intentional learning activities. Quality teacher–child interactions are essential for children’s social and academic development and learning.
The CLASS focuses on the quality of classroom interactional processes. The CLASS is organized to assess three broad domains of interactions among teachers and children: Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, and Instructional Support. As the table below shows, each domain includes specific dimensions. Collectively, these 10 dimensions assess the extent to which teachers are effectively supporting children’s development, both social and academic.
Scoring is completed at the dimension level using a seven-point scale, with the low range being a score of one to two, the middle range of three to five, and the high range of six to seven.
The CLASS helps us assess the quality of teacher–child interactions and helps strengthen the qualities of our program by focusing on something that we know is so important to a young child’s life – supportive relationships built on quality interactions. For more information about CMHS, contact us at 535-7751.
Acknowledgement: The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning, Classroom Assessment Scoring System Implementation Guide (Hamre, Goffin, and Kraft-Sayre, 2009).



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