Clay Walker headlining 2017 Central Montana Fair


Photo courtesy of International Special Attractions

It’s official: the Central Montana Fair has its next headline act. The Fergus County Fairgrounds Commission signed country singer Clay Walker at the end of November.

Night Show Entertainment Committee Chair Bertie Brown first asked the commission to pursue Walker. She chose him based on a recommendation from Patricia Ryan, a long-time liaison between the board and various artists’ management.

“I visited with Patricia and asked her if she had anyone in mind that would work with our fair,” Brown said. “She had gone to a concert, and said Clay Walker was outstanding and a good match for us.”

“High energy” and “a great performance” were Patricia’s words, according to Brown, and sold her on the country star. She heard more praise for the singer at the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs’ annual convention.

“Malta’s fair board had Clay two years ago, and they said they’d be more than willing to come down to our fair to see him again, he was that good,” she said.

Several months of negotiations came to a close when another Montana fair also agreed to sign Walker, lowering the overall cost for the entertainer.

Walker started his country-singing career in 1993 having several chart-topping number one hits. Then in 1996, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After working to manage the disease, Walker returned to the music scene. He released a single this fall, with the complete album to debut later this year.

Tickets for next summer’s night show will go on sale Dec. 5, and will be available on the Fergus County Fairgrounds website or at the fairgrounds office.



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