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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Vesper Chapter 83

The meeting was brought to order by Worthy Matron Debbie Bricker and Worthy Patron Earl Bricker in regular form. There were 14 officers present and one guest, Winifred Hannah.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. It was noted the Hobson school gym was reserved for April 27, 2019, for the anniversary of the chapter. The treasurer reported concerns on the CDs in the bank. Discussion followed, and the final decision would be made at a later time. Marion Hertel was thanked for selling tickets on the quilt during the men’s breakfast. She did quite well. Bills were presented and allowed.

Communications read were the cost of the proceedings and a letter from Elaine Tucker concerning the Service Dogs Project.

Dorothy reported ordering 100 pens for the anniversary. A motion was made and carried. The Associate Matron is wondering where we will hold the homecoming for Brother Earl. We will have to make a decision by April. The rosters are at the secretary’s desk and two were quickly taken. Marian had seen Jeff Bolstad and they discussed the forthcoming anniversary plans. More will be decided later. Under Sickness and Distress, it was reported Merle Bauman was home and doing well. Our prayers and sympathies were extended to the Hannah family at their loss.

The Worthy Matron reported on visiting with our guest at the Masonic Home. She felt the guests all enjoyed living at the Home and were well taken care of. She reported on attending the Official Visit of Josephine Hepner Chapter held at the consistory, and all the visiting was great fun.

The funeral service for Wayne Hannah will be Thursday morning. The Charter was draped in memory of Wayne, the obituary was read by the Worthy Matron and was followed with numerous memories members had over the years. It was noted Wayne and Fred had joined Masonry on the same night.

The Flower March was held.

The Worthy Matron honored the summer birthdays, Winifred Hannah was the one and received a packet of cookies and had Happy Birthday sung in her honor.

The reminder for the next meeting was that several members would be absent. The closing was held and refreshments were served by Debbie and all enjoyed visiting.



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