Club News -- CMMC Auxiliary

CMMC Auxiliary The meeting was called to order by Patty Neeman, President. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Jackie Moberley led the group in the Prayer and Frances Hunter led the Pledge. We welcomed a new member to our organization as Kay Matheson has joined our volunteers. Cheryll Tuss, Secretary, read the minutes of the September meeting. Jerry Carpenter voted to accept them and Betty Yaeger seconded the motion. Patty Neeman gave the Treasurer’s Report. Old business Patty addressed the issue of volunteers filing an accident report. She stated we would not be completing this form however we can serve as a witness and provide testimony if necessary. Patty also explained some of the current regulations, in regards to immunization requirements, currently in place. The Occupational Health department will be working with volunteers with regards to compliance with the regulations and CMMC will provide the vaccines needed to fulfill this requirement. Jackie Moberley reminded the group that the Book Fair is scheduled for Oct. 19 and 20. Volunteers are in place to help during those days. Publicity options were discussed. Linda Werdin updated us on the need for 25 Christmas stockings for newborns or children admitted to the hospital. Volunteers will be cutting out stockings and decorating them in the near future. Jerry Carpenter reported the Blood Drive was down somewhat but it was still a good turnout. Patty Neeman stated the donations for the Rummage Sale had reached an all time high this year. Although the donations are much appreciated, they do create a logistical challenge. She has formed a committee that will be meeting to address some of these concerns. New business Cherie Quigley addressed the group regarding the quilt raffle that is underway at the Information Desk. The quilt, made by Barb Berg, was donated to the YPR and TORCH organizations to be used as a fundraiser. Auxiliary volunteers will be selling the raffle tickets and Cherie will collect the quilt and the funds at the end of the day. The raffle will be at CMMC this week and then will be located around town. The drawing will be on Dec. 5. Patty Neeman announced the Gift Shop Open House will be held on Nov. 7 and will continue into the evening hours so everyone gets an opportunity to view the Christmas items. Volunteers will begin working on the Gift Shop on Friday afternoon in preparation for this event. The Christmas Bazaar will be held on Dec. 1 this year. Linda Werdin will finalize details at the next meeting. The Silent Auction will be held from Nov. 14 through noon on Nov. 17. The setup for the auction will be on Nov. 13. Betty Yaeger is chairman of this event and she will be recruiting volunteers for setting up and also closing out on the 17th. Patty reminded volunteers in the Gift Shop to be sure to indicate any credit card and/or payroll deduction purchases on the sales sheets. She has to have something to reference these sales with the people who purchased them. In addition, she needs this information for Silent Auction purchases. We received a request to remove all the puzzles stored under the mail desk. Another location will be needed for them. The Pass-It-On Plate, brought by Cherie Neudick was won by Jackie Moberley. The next meeting will be on Nov. 8 at noon in Suite 1 of CMMC.


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