CMMC Auxiliary

The meeting was called to order by President Patty Neeman. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Christine Todd led the Auxiliary Prayer and Barb Janicek led the Auxiliary Pledge.

Cheryll Tuss, secretary, read the October minutes that were approved. Rhonda Trask read the Treasurer’s report – also approved.


Old Business

Jackie Moberley reported the Book Fair was very successful with record sales. While the Auxiliary receives a percentage of the sales, we also received several items that will be available at the Silent Auction.

Barb Janicek stated the volunteers had completed 27 Christmas stockings to be distributed to newborns as well as young patients.

The Silent Auction is scheduled to begin on Nov. 14 and will run through 17th. Bidding will close at noon on that day. Volunteers will begin setting up on Sunday, Nov. 13. Betty Yaeger is the chairman of this event and would appreciate volunteer help – especially at the closing at noon on the 17th.

Volunteers for setup include Jan Whiffen, Margy McLendon, Linda Werdin, Donna Shafer and Christine Todd. Patty Neeman and Leann Fisk will also be available. Volunteers for the conclusion of the bids include Betty Yaeger, Donna Shafer, Mona Harrell and Jackie Moberly. Linda Werdin agreed to make phone calls to the successful bidders.

Patty reported a successful Open House for the Gift Shop occurred on Nov. 7. The prior weekend was spent setting up the displays by volunteers Patty Neeman, Leann Fisk, Cherie Quigley, Rhonda Trask, Jeanne Quigley, Shauna Silberhorn and Cheryll Tuss. Many hours went into preparation for this event so record sales were appreciated.

The Christmas Bazaar, chaired by Linda Werdin, will be held on Dec. 1 beginning at 9 a.m. so baked good and crafts will need to be delivered by 8 a.m. Jackie Moberley is in charge of the crafts. A price list for baked items is available at the Gift Shop. We will need volunteers for setting up and helping with sales.

Patty also requested the volunteers check for Canadian coins when making sales, as these coins are not accepted at the banks.


Committee Reports

Pat Todd, chairman of the Calling Tree, requested a member to help with making calls. Louise Langford agreed to do this.

Patty Neeman reported people were enjoying the chemo caps and they may need some additional caps.

Barb Janick requested an update list of volunteers to provide cookies to the nursing home and the blood drive.

Members reported two of our volunteers, Pat Regli and June Griffin, were having health problems. We send our wishes for a speedy recovery to each of them.

Patty Neeman reported maintenance has installed a new lock on the Information Desk.

Donna Shafer, chairman for the Gift Shop scheduling, requested additional volunteers be available on Dec. 1 for the Bazaar. Cheryll Tuss volunteered to work in the Gift Shop that morning.

Dolores Kropp stated she had recently completed some mending for the hospital.

Mickey Dunlap, chairman of the nursing home birthday parties, reported there were three residents with November birthdays. She needed some help and Margy McLendon agreed to do this.

Patty Neeman reported the committee for the Rummage Sale will meet in the near future.

Rhonda Stanley has been busy snapping pictures and working on the annual scrapbook.


New Business

The Holiday dinner will be on Dec. 13 – in CMMC Conference Room 1 There will be a sign-up sheet in the Gift Shop. Please pay when you sign-up. Linda Werdin, Nell Cruikshank and Barb Janicek will co-chair this event. The kitchen staff will be providing a lovely meal of turkey and all the trimmings.

It was decided not to have raffle baskets during the holiday season. We are looking at sometime in 2017 when there isn’t so much happening.

Patty said that Laurie Ray, with Occupational Health, would like to clarify that their office, in the Medical Arts Building, Suite 2, provides immunizations, blood screens, etc. and Occupational Therapy is provided at Judith Peak which is at the other end of the facility.

The quilt that is currently being raffled off is for funding for the OR Nurses Association and Yvonne Olson is in charge of it.

Cherie Quigley thanked the members for selling tickets to the quilt for YPR and TORCH.

The January meeting for the Auxiliary will not be held on Jan. 10, 2017. Please check your newsletter for the correct date and time.

The Pass-It-On Plate, provided by Jackie Moberley, was won by Christine Todd.


What is your favorite part of the Fair?