CMMC Auxiliary

Meeting was called to order by President Patty Neeman. Following the “Pledge of Allegiance,” Lisa Householder led the group in the Auxiliary Prayer and Louise Langford led the Auxiliary Pledge.

Jennifer Moody, RSVP Coordinator, was introduced to the group. She described the goals of the agency and extended an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 27 at the Elks Club.

Cheryll Tuss read the minutes of the March meeting and Rhonda Trask gave the Treasurer’s Report.


Old business:

Patty reported the ticket sales for the Raffle Basket needed to be encouraged prior to the drawing at the Easter Bazaar.

She also stated the tablecloths for the sale tables had been laundered.

“Books are Fun” is currently scheduled for May 4 and 5. Jackie Moberley, chairman of this event, will contact members to assist with the sale.

Patty reminded members to turn in their volunteer books at the gift shop. Louise Langford will collect them and compute total hours.

The nominating committee now has a full slate of candidates for officers for the 2017-2018 year. Candidates include Lisa Householder for president; Rhonda Trask, first vice president; Christine Todd, second vice president; Louise Langford and Cheryll Tuss, secretary and Pat Mausehund continues to be treasurer.

Pat Todd and Mickey Dunlap have compiled a list of seven candidates for the Lifetime Membership Awards. These ladies are very worthy of this recognition as they have donated many hours toward the success of the CMMC Auxiliary. They will be recognized at the June meeting and Tea Party.


New business:

President Patty Neeman notified the CMMC departments that we are now accepting requests for equipment to enhance patients’ experience at our facility. We received one request and expect others to arrive before the April 31 deadline.

We will review the items requested for the Wish List at our May meeting. In addition, we plan to include them in the newsletter so members can vote even if they are unable attend the meeting.

Patty also stated the Scholarship Committee will meet in the near future to select worthy candidates for scholarships. These are provided through a joint effort with CMMC and Central Montana Foundation, and awarded to students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.


Committee reports:

Linda Werdin, chairman of the Easter Bazaar, reported she’s preparing for it. She thanked Leann Fisk for making the posters. Advertising on the CMMC TV system will be done. Christine Todd agreed to serve as cashier and Janelle Wichman agreed to chair the craft section. Margy McLendon and Jan Whiffen offered to help as well.

Barb Janicek, who is the Sunshine Lady as well as the Cookie Lady, requested an updated membership list. She also invited members out to her house on April 20 to make mints for the Tea Party.

Patty Neeman reports the gift shop is doing well. The Christmas items order was sent off this week and includes lots of fun items. Donna Shafer said her volunteers schedule is in good shape for next month.

Mickey Dunlap, Chairman of the nursing home birthday parties, stated seven people have birthdays this month. Janelle Wichman will assist Mickey for this event.

Patty reports the storage sheds are almost full of items for the Sept. rummage sale. She encouraged members to help unload donations if at all possible.

Rhonda Stanley, compiling this year’s scrapbook, asked members remember to take pictures at events she isn’t able to attend. She also introduced the concept of using Shutterfly for the scrapbook.

Patty led a discussion on the placement of plaques that list the names of volunteers who served the organization throughout the years. While there was no conclusion reached, we will address this at the next meeting.

Louise Langford encouraged the facility to provide a variety of magazines for patients’ enjoyment while they await their appointments.

Just a reminder: dues are due in June. If you have any questions, contact Christine Todd, chairman.

We did not have a Pass-It-On Plate this month. The next meeting will be on May 9 at noon.


What is your favorite part of the Fair?