CMMC welcomes new doctor

Friday, November 15, 2019
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Dr. Cassandra Lopez has recently joined the staff at the Central Montana Medical Center.

Photo by Miriam Campan

“They convinced me to come out and interview. The job here was just too good to pass up,” said Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Lopez, who joined CMMC on Nov. 1.

When Tori Poser (Clinic and Physicians Services Manager) and Alan Aldrich (CFO/Interim and Co-CEO) attended an annual recruitment event in Missoula to hire the best and brightest physician for CMMC, they convinced Lopez that Lewistown (and CMMC) was the place for her.

While Poser and Aldrich were instrumental in Lopez selecting CMMC, Lopez said the position also interested her. 

“I get to do clinic, hospital, and OB all together,” she explained, adding, “Everyone here is very progressive and very invested in the patients. I’ve felt so incredibly welcome. It’s been amazing.”

Lopez, who is Family Medicine Board Certified and has a fellowship in Maternal Child Health, sees patients of all ages, along with providing prenatal care, delivering babies in the hospital and providing newborn care.

Originally from upstate New York, Lopez found her way to rural Montana by way of New Mexico, and then her residency program at Missoula.

“I love it here [Montana]. It’s beautiful. No matter where you go there is a small town feel and a great sense of community,” said Lopez.

Getting to know her community and patients is paramount for Lopez, especially patients who are considering raising a family.

“I love for patients to come in before they are thinking of getting pregnant. In preconception counseling, any health issues are addressed that might give them difficulty conceiving or that might make their pregnancy a high-risk,” she said. 

When not focusing on medicine, Lopez enjoys the outdoors lifestyle with her black mouth cur dog, Pixie. 

“She’s bred for hunting, but Pixie is very domesticated and is so cuddly,” said Lopez.

Lopez and Pixie love being outdoors, and enjoy camping and hiking. Another favorite pastime is traveling.

“I’m planning a trip to Sweden and Finland. I hope to see the northern lights and spend time in that wilderness,” she said.

A question often asked of Lopez is, “Why did you go into medicine?”

“My answer is unexciting. It’s just what I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.



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