Coming in for a close-up

News-Argus Staff
News-Argus Staff

Jacob Ayers takes multiple still images of props to create stop-motion graphics for his documentary. Photos courtesy of Jacob Ayers

Dennis and Kristi Ayers, parents of Jacob, must surely be proud of their son. The quiet 17 year old has spent his spring and summer working on an epic project. The end of the school year in Denton saw the end of the 50-year teaching career of Linda Hassinger. Mrs. Hassinger taught English, speech and drama to more than one generation of students. Seeing the opportunity for a good story, Jacob decided such dedication deserved to be documented, remembered and shared. In mid-April, Jacob began interviewing other Denton teachers, past principals and some of Hassinger’s former students. He then spent time with her to find the right perspective and point of view. He hopes to finish the post-production process by the end of July. “I may submit the documentary to a few film festivals, I’m not quite sure which ones,” Jacob said. Jacob has had the dream of being a film director since he was in first grade. “That’s when I saw the movie ‘Spiderman’,” he said. “I thought I would like to do something like the special effects I saw. When I told classmates I wanted to be a director, they said I should be an actor because that’s where the money is. But when I used the iPad, with the camera, I knew that directing would be my focus instead.” For the last three years, Jacob has been working to fulfill his goal. Each week he produces a “box office report” and uploads it to the channel “Film News Report.” He recently finished a short narrative film as well. But even though filming is his focus, that isn’t the extent of his school activities. Jacob is also part of the Denton track team. He runs the mile and 800 meters and throws the discus. While not setting any school records in those events, he has steadily improved. After high school, Jacob plans to continue pursuing his goal of becoming a film director. He also hopes to attend MSU in Bozeman and major in teaching history. There is no doubt that the determination seen in this young man will mean that he achieves his goals.


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