Community Council considers medical marijuana


Fergus County’s recent interest in regulating medical marijuana drew comments from the Fergus County Community Council during its November meeting.

Secretary and Treasurer Tom Wojtowick attended the Nov. 9 public hearing on a proposed county ordinance. The law would label the sale and public use of medical marijuana a “nuisance,” and Wojtowick reported most attendees spoke against the idea. He personally felt county commissioners were not considering the entirety of the medical marijuana issue.

“They were taking a very narrow point of view,” he said.

Community Council Chair Scott Seilstad did not attend the hearing, but had questions of his own. He wondered if the move was necessary, given that the county enforces state laws.

“How does the situation square with state laws?” he asked.

Seilstad added he wasn’t sure what Montana’s current medical marijuana laws were, but he did not want a new ordinance whose enforcement would cost taxpayers more money.

Wojtowick had questions of his own. He said the public hearing revealed the idea for an ordinance came from the Fergus County Attorney, and Wojtowick wanted to know where the attorney got the idea.

The Community Council expressed interest in following the ordinance’s progression, but did not take any official action.


In other business

• Fergus County Community Council Secretary and Treasurer Tom Wojtowick reported no new bills came in over the last month, leaving the group’s account with a balance of $1,528.

• Chair Scott Seilstad said the Community Council had still not received a clear message about potential involvement with a County Compensation Board. Wojtowick said County Commissioner Carl Seilstad had emailed him about the issue, suggesting the group revive the discussion closer to county budget reviews. Council members agreed that would be too late, leaving the group unsure of what role they were playing in regards to the compensation board.

• Shirley Barrick reported the Montana Preservation Alliance had reached out to Fergus County Friends of the Archives for help completing its Big Sky Schoolhouse Survey in Central Montana.

• Council member Rod Boling reported county residents were still having issues traveling on Denton roads, including Benchland Road.



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