Community Council takes on county wage comparisons


The Fergus County Community Council officially joined efforts to create a Fergus County Compensation Board at their January meeting. Council Secretary and Treasurer Tom Wojtowick reported the Fergus County Commissioners’ requested the group research other counties’ salaries.

“The county commissioners had asked us to help them with a review on the salaries, and we agreed,” he said. “The Community Council will do a study comparing this county’s salaries with all of the other counties in the state, as well as the tax income each county gets.”

The council will report its findings to the county commissioners, who Wojtowick said would then assemble a Fergus County Compensation Board. He added council members will also do some preparatory work for the new board’s operations.

“We will probably come up a format for the board’s membership and procedures,” Wojtowick said.

Fergus County Community Council members Gilles Stockton, Jerry Hanley and Joshua Scotson volunteered as researchers, according to Wojtowick. He expects the Council will report by late spring.

This would allow county commissioners to form a compensation board, and receive its recommendations, before the start of the county’s next fiscal year on July 1st.



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