Continue to support providers who serve the most vulnerable

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Montana legislature’s CFHHS committee for supporting the formal objection to administrative rule notices cutting Medicaid rates for all providers and services. I hope you continue to support providers, clients, and caregivers by keeping this objection in place.

My company is one of the providers that serves families across Montana with Private Duty Nursing. We serve Montana’s most vulnerable at a financial loss because we believe in helping those in our communities. Many of those served are children on vents or with trachs and they have no control over their situation. They require nursing day/night that can be provided in-home at a fraction of the cost of an acute care setting. In-home PDN also significantly decreases the risk of secondary infections. These cuts, however, will force their return to the hospital or send them out of Montana. Do we truly want to send the message that Montanan’s with disabilities are no longer welcome here?

As a mother, a daughter, a nurse, a Montanan, I beg of you to please stand firm and continue to support Montanans who most need these services. Do not roll back your objection to administration rule notices cutting Medicaid rates.


Janessa Hendon, RN, Nursing Clinical Manager

Consumer Direct Care Network

Great Falls



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