Council on Aging director says facility in good shape

Charlie Denison


The Lewistown City Commission met Monday evening at the Fergus County Council on Aging.

During the meeting, COA Executive Director Staci Auck delivered her annual report to the commission, informing them she is pleased with how things are going.

One year into her new position with COA, the former Hobson math teacher said “so far, so good” as programs are going well, and she appreciates the support from staff, volunteers and the many COA patrons. There is a lot going on right now, Auck said, as the meals are well attended – especially on Wednesdays – and the activities are also popular.

“Bingo is big,” Auck said.

The Council on Aging, Auck said, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing services for seniors in the area, be it meals (home delivered or in-house), information and assistance, transportation, homemaking, nutrition education or other services.

Her presentation, however, mostly focused on budget prioritizing. For example, Auck mentioned the COA currently has $26,000 saved for future roof repairs.

“We had someone come and look at the roof this summer and they believe it may be a few years before any action needs to take place, but [former executive director] Tom Wojtowick recommends we have this fund ready for when it comes time,” Auck said.

Auck also fixed the grease trap in the back, which cost more than $8,000. The cost was covered by grants from Land O’ Lakes, Moore Farmers Oil and the Central Montana Foundation.

During her year as executive director, Auck also installed a new heating and air conditioning system for just more than $7,000. She is also looking into a new furnace.

Auck also went into detail on the COA fundraisers, mentioning that they will again do a Kentucky Derby party this year. They will also continue the Dream Vacation tickets. The goal is to sell 300 tickets, and last year they sold 270, which she said was very beneficial. Their biggest fundraiser, however, is the Treasure Depot, Auck said, and she appreciates the volunteers and the support from the community for keeping it going.

Lastly, Auck invited everyone to come try a meal sometime, as you don’t have to be a senior to come take advantage of the services.


Other Business

• Lewistown Interim City Manager Holly Phelps talked with the City Commission about approving the purchase of a street sweeper for the Street Department. The street sweeper in question comes highly recommended by Lewistown’s Public Works Department, Phelps said. The sweeper comes from Spokane,Wash.

“It’s got a vacuum and has tons of spray bars,” Phelps said. “It’s much quieter and tighter fitting than the one we have now, which isn’t as economical to run.” Cost is under what was budgeted, Phelps said, and the sweeper comes with a warranty

“It’s a good piece of equipment,” she said. Lewistown Public Works recommends it.

• The next Lewistown City Commission meeting takes place Monday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Community Center. All are welcome to attend.






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