County commissioners approve small subdivision

Managing Editor

Two of the three Fergus County commissioners presided over a short business meeting Monday afternoon. Commissioner Carl Seilstad ran the meeting in the absence of Presiding Officer Sandy Youngbauer, who was out of town.

County Planner Pam Vosen explained a request for a minor subdivision for the Harms Family Homestead just north of Denton, explaining the family wanted to divide one parcel into two lots, one of just over 64 acres and one of just over 95 acres. The proposed subdivision had been submitted to the County Planning Board, with approved it with 12 conditions. Both commissioners voted to approve the subdivision.

Action on a proposed resolution regarding elected official salaries was delayed until a future meeting in order to reword the resolution language to indicate raises could be given “up to” $2,000.

Commissioner Ross Butcher announced four or five applications have been received for the position of fairgrounds maintenance worker. There is also a position as a part-time communications officer.

Seilstad announced two applications have been received for positions on the Fair Board.

The next meeting of the Board of Fergus County Commissioners is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11 at 2 p.m.



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