County shifts to twice-a-month pay

Deb Hill
Managing Editor

The County Commissioners Monday changed the way all county employees get paid. Starting in July, paychecks will come every two weeks, instead of monthly as was always the case before now.

The change was something advocated by Commission Presiding Chair Sandy Youngbauer.

“I just think it’s hard on some employees, especially younger ones, to only get paid once a month,” Youngbauer said after the commission meeting ended. “It’s hard to budget around one payday a month and if you have any kind of emergency, it makes it really rough. I hope with this change we will attract more young people to work for the county, and make it easier to retain the ones we have.”

Along with the change in the pay periods, Youngbauer said the county was moving to electronic timecards. The automation was a key part of producing paychecks every two weeks, as the method of entering by hand the hours worked by each employee was too time consuming.

“We are going to use the same system the Lewistown School District uses,” Youngbauer said. “The district has over 250 employees and this system has worked very well fro them.”

The move to the bi-monthly payday was approved unanimously.


In other business:

The commissioners also took action on a proposed minor subdivision. The Peaceful Outlook subdivision off of Whitetail Drive was approved unanimously. The subdivision consists of four 5-acre parcels and one 20-acre parcel.

According to County Planner Pam Vosen, letters about the subdivision were sent to fire and law enforcement agencies and utility providers, and no opposition was voiced.

“The subdivision will take just over 40 acres out of agricultural production,” Vosen said, adding that the City County Planning Board had approved the development subject to a few conditions.

The commissioners also approved an amendment to the Hanover Junction Covenants governing the subdivision at the corner of Hanover Road and Highway 191, approved a fairgrounds utility easement providing the City of Lewistown access to repair water and sewer pipes, and approved the following appointments:

Roy Water and Sewer: Jody M. Jones, Laurie Harrell and Michelle Byrne; Denton Rural Fire Board: Charles J. Lee; Hilger Rural Fire Board: Dena Bolton, Lyle Shammel; Moore Rural Fire Board: William H. Creamer IV; Roy Fire Board: Tom Byrne, Trevor Gervais; Council on Aging: Marjorie Nesselhuf. 



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