Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion near completion

Miriam Campan
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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City Manager Holly Phelps (left) and volunteer Karen Sweeney stand at the deck overlooking Spring Creek at the Creekside Market Place and Pavilion project. With sod in place and final touches going in, the project is nearly complete.
Photo by Miriam Campan

Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion is making great strides towards the much-anticipated grand opening.
“New sod was put in last Tuesday by Scott and John Sanford. Their crews and volunteers came, but there is still work to done with putting on the finishing touches of plant and shade structures and signage,” said Karen Sweeney, a volunteer for the Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion.
The still-settling green space cannot be walked on for a couple of weeks. When the sod is established it will provide a cool space for spectators to watch a future performance or provide travelers with a rest stop between Montana cities and use of a much needed bathroom facility.
However, the informational kiosk, bathrooms, and anticipated events are put on hold due to the pandemic.
“With COVID we are waiting to get it all up and running. We had to close the restrooms and the kiosk, and unfortunately we can’t use Creekside as it was intended at the moment. Every event has to be approved by the Sanitarian and the City of Lewistown,” said City Manager and Creekside member Holly Phelps.
Sweeney said, “We are looking at renting the facility for different events eventually.”

Anticipated events that Creekside could accommodate include a farmer’s market, art shows, live performances and room for public and private parties to rent.
Sweeney said, “We are done with the stage itself, but not the green room or storage room.”
The grand opening celebration for the Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion has also been on “pandemic hold.”
“We are postponing the grand opening. We didn’t want to operate under restrictions and we don’t want to limit the number of attendees. We want to do a big celebration,” said Phelps.
Postponing the celebration provides more time for the Creekside volunteers to reach their permanent endowment goal, too.
“People can make a donation at Central Montana Foundation,” said Sweeney.
Donations will assist with the future needs of the facility.



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