Creekside Marketplace, Pavilion moves forward


Abbie Franks, a member of the Recharge Our Community Youth Engagement Group, spends a windy moment with a group of Lewistown Boys and Girls Club kids at the site of the proposed Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion Tuesday morning.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

The Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion proposal is moving on to its next step. Karen Sweeney, a member of the Recharge Our Community Youth Engagement Group, said supporters have set a public meeting for June 26.

“This is the final presentation before we take [the plan] to the Parks and Recreation Board and the City,” she said.

The proposal’s current plan, a map of the general layout, will be on display. Sweeney encouraged people to come, whether they have questions or comments.

“The architect from Foley Group, who did the design, will be there to answer questions,” she said. “We may modify the plan before it goes to the Parks Department and the City based on public input.”

Sweeney said supporters were also hoping hear some new ideas from the public.

“We’re inviting any comments about how to memorialize the Mill Building,” she said.

After the meeting, and any changes spurred by public comment, Sweeney said the proposal would be presented to the Parks and Recreation Department and the Lewistown City Commission.

Those presentations would be one step in the flight of stairs that makes up this project’s planning phase. Approval by both bodies would initiate another stage of fundraising to pay for detailed architectural plans, also known as the design development package according to Sweeney. She was unsure of the package’s cost, but said supporters were already looking for funding.

“Hopefully, we’ll have [the package] by December,” she said.

Once complete, Sweeney said the design development package would undergo the same public and governmental scrutiny with another set of presentations.

“It’ll go through the whole process again,” she said.

Only after the package is approved can supporters think about bids and construction, according to Sweeney. The current plan has an estimated overall cost of roughly $1.4 million dollars, with a budget of roughly $114,114 to $159,000 for the demolition of the Mill Building.

For more information about the proposed Creekside Marketplace and Pavilion, contact Karen Sweeney at 535-2514 or City Manager Holly Phelps at 535-1760.


Creekside public meeting

• When: June 26

• Where: Fergus County Community Center, 307 West Watson

• What time: 7 p.m.



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