Dance Syndicate heads to a “whole new world”… Disney World

The excitement is building for the Dance Syndicate dancers and families who are headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida this week, June 26 through July 2. Eleven dancers will be performing in two parades and a performance in Epcot’s World show pavilion, under the direction of Janet Luciano and Jeri Lynn Haugen.
The week begins with rehearsal for the Magic Kingdom night parade and the Epcot Day Parade, under the supervision of Disney choreographers. A master class will be taught by Whitney Carson, a professional from the television show, “Dancing with the Stars.”
The Dance Syndicate’s own seven-minute production number, “Pentatonix III,” will also be in the Epcot World show. The Dance Syndicate magic carpet ride concludes at the gala dinner party with dancers and their families from all over the world.
This is an experience that will build special memories to last a lifetime.



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