David Joe Pena

David Joe Pena passed away Feb. 9, surrounded by his friends and family. David was a kind-hearted, gentle, fun-loving soul. A respiratory therapist by trade, and a kind friend to most, David gave comfort to so many of

his patients in their time of need. His patients knew he ould go far beyond his duties as a therapist. He not only gave them comfort with his knowledge, but comfort with his heart and soul. It was important to him to know that he had done everything possible to help people if he could; he would give the shirt off his back, if needed.

David was a loyal friend, father and partner. David fought his battle with cancer bravely. His sense of humor, his smile never waivered to the end. He leaves behind the love of his life, “his angel,” Jenna.

You will always be with us, David. We thank you for all your giving, loving and supportive ways. Thank you for making that “difference” in our lives. We thank God for sharing you with us, if only for a short period of time.

We will treasure you in our hearts forever.



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