Denton senior is a true Renaissance "man"

News-Argus Staff

At first glance, Lane Hathaway seems to be a quiet individual. But that is not necessarily the case. The 17-year-old son of Kraig and Jodi Hathaway, Lane describes himself as “ornery, can’t keep quiet, a practical joker who loves guns and horses.”
This summer Lane has kept busy on the family ranch, helping with the cows and hay crop at home. In the very near future, he will begin football practice. Lane fills the position of nose guard on the DGS team. The nose guard is centered in the front line as a defensive player.
Football is the only sport in which Lane takes part through the school. Outside of school, he has many interests, including roping, and breaking colts for use on a ranch.
“I’ve broken two colts so far and am working on one now for my uncle. These horses are used for riding, cutting and roping, basically ranch horses.”
Throughout his young life, Lane has also made knives – the first when he was eight years old, with some help from his dad. After he had made several knives, he decided to teach himself blacksmithing, a skill that comes in handy on a ranch. Making knives, repairs and small parts for machinery, and small items for his mom are a few of his finished projects.
His new passion is gunsmithing. “I love guns, it is my passion,” Lane said. “I plan to head to Minnesota to attend Pine Tech College and study machining and gunsmithing. After that I would like to return to the family ranch and stay involved there. Gunsmithing is more than a hobby. It would allow me to make extra income while on the ranch. Machining and gunsmithing jobs are available almost everywhere and they are always useful on a ranch.”
When asked where he would be in 10 years, Lane replied, “On a ranch, hopefully, if that’s what God wills for me, on a horse. I want the Lord to lead my life. I couldn’t be in a better place than I am in now. This is the prettiest spot in the world. Might as well stay here.”


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