Doing her best to help the next in line: Devyn Hughes of Hobson stays humble and kind

News-Argus Staff

Summer fun and smiles, Devyn (center) enjoys her role as youth mentor, serving as a 4-H camp counselor. Photo courtesy of Devyn Hughes

Seventeen-year-old Devyn Hughes, one of the Class of 2017 trio, is keeping her sharp eyes on the prize, making sure to plan for a future that involves as much fun as it does responsibility. Having spent last summer at the 4-H Camp at Camp Rotary, Devyn applied for a 4-H counselor position, an experience that she says gave her leadership skills. As for why, it came down to personal history and wanting to share and pass on her own positive experience in 4-H to those potentially in her footsteps. “I attended [the 4-H Camp] when I was younger,” said Devyn, “and I really enjoyed it. I looked up to the older 4-H counselors and thought it’d be a cool opportunity to be a member and have younger members look up to me.” With her graduation approaching next spring, Devyn is looking forward to a trip to Italy next summer with her grandmother and cousin. “I don’t speak Italian, but my grandfather was from Italy, so we’re going to visit his family there.” It will be the perfect break before returning to her scholastic career. Devyn, while she plans to attend college next fall, hasn’t yet decided on an institution, but knows she wants to stay local. “I’m looking at Bozeman or Rocky, a private college in Billings, but I haven’t decided,” Devyn said. While she hasn’t considered the possibility of being a foreign exchange student while attending college, if given the opportunity, Devyn says she would like to go to Barcelona. “I think that would be cool. And for the food!” While Devyn won’t be turning 18 until next year and is therefore unable to vote in this year’s election, she said that her classmates will meet that legal milestone, but they don’t spend much time discussing politics outside of government class. However the teen seems to have a firm grasp on the magnitude of the privilege of voting, saying, “I am taking government this year, but I don’t have the background on it and don’t think I have the experience to decide. I would research potential candidates so that I’m an informed voter.” Devyn does take the effort to keep up on current events -- as a sports fan and athlete herself, she keeps informed by reading the sports section of the News-Argus, “and the Spotlight feature, of course,” she added with a laugh. When asked what other features would entice her and her peers to continue to read a newspaper when there’s such competition with online news and entertainment, my fellow fire sign – a young Lioness – said it would be nice to see a horoscope included in the News-Argus. “I’m a Leo, so... yeah. I would actually like that because my friends and I check our horoscopes,” she said. A generational member of the future’s voice, Devyn chooses to follow the advice of her favorite quote (source unknown), doing her best to “take advantage of every opportunity [that’s given to you]; you might not know what you will be able to find, accomplish and be passionate for.” Caring for the next generation while keeping herself educated, open and informed, her playlist choice of Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind” suits this Hobson young lady beautifully.


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