To Doreen Heintz: a devoted sports reporter and Central Montana sports fan

Charlie Denison

“Where’s Doreen?”

That’s a question I got quite used to hearing this month, as I took on sports editor Doreen Heintz’s intensive sports editing tasks for May, diving in deep and getting thrown to the wolves.

The water was deep, all right, and the wolves were hungry.

It didn’t take me long to start thinking, “How does she do it all?”

Track results, tennis results, softball box scores, Redbirds baseball, “athlete of the week,” golf, bowling Civic Center schedules, pool news and the list goes on and on. I didn’t even mention designing the pages yet.

“There’s so much to be done,” Doreen told me during a softball game. “The Wednesday papers are especially hard. I usually come in on Sundays to format the results. There’s not enough time otherwise.”

Week after week, Doreen is after it, going to all the games she can, putting every name in the paper, giving credit where credit is due. She does it because she loves it, and she does it because she is committed to the students.

This does not go unnoticed.

“She goes out of her way for our kids,” Winnett sports enthusiast Ralph Corbett said. “Whoever replaces her will have awfully big shoes to fill.”

I’ve worked at the News-Argus for five years as a general assignment reporter, and I had no idea how much the sports editor job entailed. Tackling the stories is one thing, but making sure every sport is accounted for, making sure there is enough room on the pages for everything and trying to do it all without going overtime–wow!

This is especially the case in May, one of the busiest –if not the busiest ­ time for sports in Central Montana.

 After taking on this tremendous challenge for a month, I wanted to take a moment and applaud Doreen for the job she’s done and how much time and energy she has invested.

The position itself is one thing, but what Doreen brings to the table is pure passion for each and every sport and each and every athlete. She wants them to be recognized and celebrated. She wants them to feel their hard work is rewarded.

Doreen deserves the same. When you see her, tell her “thank you.” Tell her “good job.” Her devotion to Central Montana sports is unmatched. It should be rewarded and celebrated.

And, to whoever takes her place someday (whether me or someone else), Corbett is right. Good luck to them. Doreen has left a remarkable legacy as sports editor. She can’t be replaced.







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