Doug Day: Central Montana’s “advocate”

Charlie Denison

Personal injury attorney Doug Day of The Advocates is accepting new clients. His office is located in the Bank Electric Building.
Photo by Charlie Denison

Former Lewistown public defender Doug Day has switched gears, narrowing his focus and joining forces with Matthew Driggs and Joshua Hotchkiss as a member of The Advocates, a team that specializes in personal injury.

The Advocates is a large firm based out of Utah, which also has an office in Seattle, Washington. A little over a year ago, a representative of the company called Day and asked him if he’d be interested in being part of the team and helping them move into the Montana market.

Day said “yes,” officially becoming an “Advocate” in January of 2017.

A 2004 graduate of University of Montana’s Law School and an 11-year Regional Deputy, Day brings a lot of experience to the table for The Advocates, and he’s glad to switch gears and work for this particular company, splitting his time between Lewistown and Billings.

“I go to Billings two to three times a week,” Day said. “Most of my case load is there. I have 60 clients.”

Although most of his work is in the Magic City, Day said he’s thankful to keep his home base in Lewistown, as he loves the community.

“My family and I like being here in the community,” Day said. “We love Central Montana and all it has to offer, including good schools, good teachers and the Lewistown Hoppers. I like my kids being here where they can learn, grow and feel safe.”

Day said he doesn’t mind the commute to Billings, as he’s happy to have an office in Lewistown on the second floor of the Bank Electric Building on West Main Street.

“So far it’s working out well,” he said.

As far as personal injury cases are involved, Day said he focuses on claims that mostly have to do with an injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

“Car accidents, dog bites, slips and falls are the main ones,” he said.

Having a narrower focus has been nice for Day, as it’s easier to be fair, accurate and efficient.

“The attorney can really advocate for the client and their issues, which is crucial,” Day said. “Not everybody is the same.”

Another reason Day was excited to help The Advocates find a market in Montana is because it’s not just a great opportunity for them; it’s a great opportunity for Lewistown and Central Montana as a whole.

 “It’s great a rural community like Lewistown can have a large firm right here,” Day said. “You can get a one-on-one experience with an attorney at your convenience.”

Day said he also likes the central location of Lewistown, adding that he has picked up some clients in Great Falls. It’s a win-win all around, he said.

For those suffering from a personal injury who may need assistance from an attorney, Day wants them to know they’re not being “sue happy;” they’re being responsible. In order be responsible, sometimes it is the job of The Advocates to protect their clients form themselves, whether that means to help them budget wisely or make sure they recovery responsibly.

“We want to protect our clients,” Day said. “We protect them from the insurance company, we protect them from the providers and we try to reduce the cost of their medical care. We want it to be fair.”

For more information, call Day at (406) 206-4414.



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