Downtown to host frightfully fun afternoon


Lewistown Downtown Association member Jennifer Saunders braves Norman’s smell to hear his ideas for the pop-up Creepy Café Thursday afternoon.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Lewistown’s spooks and spirits are lucky little ghouls, thanks to the Lewistown Downtown Association: They have a chance to double their Halloween candy haul this year, and to do so with some thrills.

Next Saturday’s Halloween FunFest will have Main Street businesses welcoming trick-or-treaters, as well as an assortment of holiday-themed games at the old TV Appliance Building. The afternoon will culminate with Poorman’s one-night-only grand reopening as the Creepy Café.

The FunFest starts at 2 p.m. and gives parents and children two hours to score some extra Halloween treats. Lewistown Downtown Association Chair Chris Cooler has seen the downtown environment attract lots of families in the past.

“This is the fourth year we’ve done it,” she said. “We have lots of families trick or treat down there because it’s easy to walk wit the sidewalk and strollers, and there are things to do besides candy.”

The FunFest’s seasonally themed games are designed for kids up to age 8, and will award little prizes for everything from Snake Eyes to the Spider Web Walk.

The FunFest overlaps this year’s haunted house, the Creepy Café. Organized by Association member Jennifer Saunders, the event promises enough scares to warrant some caution with really young spooks.

“It’s not recommended for small children because we really are scary,” Saunders said. “Our goal is to scare people.”

Residents can pay a small fee for the experience starting at 3 p.m., but Saunders warned any potential visitors: The venue won’t be bound by the rules of this realm.

“It will be pitch black,” she said.

Saunders referred to Café host Norman for more details.

“First of all, I’m inviting everyone for a taste of terror from the menu of madness at the Creepy Café,” he said.

The grey-skinned host warned the pop-up restaurant hosts a darker atmosphere than its Poorman’s counterpart, and has more than one room to tour. Norman was aware of last year’s haunted house, but was confident his café could provide a better menu of scares.

“We at the Café know a few tricks of our trade, and I know we’re bigger, better and scarier,” he said with a toothy grin.

Find your scary seasonal spirit

Halloween FunFest
• When: Saturday, Oct. 28

• What time: 2-4 p.m.

• Where: Main Street from First Ave S to Sixth Ave S, with games at the old TV Appliance Building

Creepy Café (small fee)
• When: Saturday, Oct. 28

• What time: 3-7 p.m.

• Where: Poorman’s



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