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2019 Fergus High School graduation sets stage for future
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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The tradition of hurling graduation caps into the air continues with the 2019 Fergus High School graduates. 

Photos by Miriam Campan

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Jena Gallagher is a face of 2019 graduates, beaming with the reality of their accomplishment. 

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” read an adorned cap of a Fergus graduating senior waiting for the ceremonies to begin.

Saying “goodbye” and looking towards the future was the bittersweet theme of the 2019 graduation ceremony.

Doors in the back of the gym were open letting in a cool breeze while the fans blew overhead. The room was packed with more than 80 graduates and over 1,000 family members, friends, and Lewistown District teachers and personnel in attendance. 

A quick welcome from FHS Principal Tim Majerus followed the senior processional. The 2019 commencement ceremony for the class of 2019 had begun. 

“We are proud of your accomplishments,” Majerus said.

The Fergus High School band played the National Anthem to a standing crowd that faced the flag with hands over their hearts.

The senior address by Senior Class President Caleb Russell began the speeches. He advised his fellow graduates, “Strive everyday to be the best version of ourselves.”

“There will never be another class of 2019.” The auditorium was quiet as Tanner Trafton began his Valedictorian address. After a teary, “thank you mom,” he said to his peers, “Take a walk through the school. There is no more coming here.” He also said, “Don’t overthink and have confidence,” referring to the challenges ahead. “What we will remember are the good, sad, and heartfelt experiences through our four years at Fergus High School.”

As Trafton stepped down from the podium, the following lyrics wafted through the air, “Because I knew you I’ve been changed for the better,” the Fergus High School Symphonic Choir accompanied the “Let the River Run” recording by Carly Simon.

Rebecca Bawden and Jaden Schultz followed with their Salutatorian addresses. Becca said, “We will remember how we have grown and who inspired us.” She made reference to high school teachers Holly Heser for her humor and Mr. Olson’s “iconic calf muscles.”  Schultz then compared the wonders of the night sky and the future before the graduates. “The opportunities are limitless,” he said. 

“Don’t get caught up in what you value as success. Be a leader who influences others,” said Scot Solberg, 2002 FHS graduate, during his commencement address. He reflected on what made Lewistown so special. “Lewistown will always be home. It’s not the mountains or Spring Creek . . .Lewistown is full of selfless people,” Solberg said. 

Looking out over the graduating class he asked, “Will you make a difference in someone’s life?” 

Solberg addressed what he considered the attributes of success that did not include status, money or a big house. Solberg said, “You must be humble and access the people in your life.” He added the following question for the seniors to reflect on, “How can I be a positive influence today? We must be okay with the failures and move onto successes.” 

The lights then dimmed as the senior slide presentation began. Madison Kucera said, “Before we begin the presentation may we have a moment of silence and reflection for those loved ones who wished to be here but cannot.”  Two of the graduating seniors had just said their final goodbye to their mother, who passed earlier this month.

Yells rang out for pictured graduates as the slideshow began and each senior was presented on the big screen. 

The tassels were then flipped, handshakes were hearty and graduates walked down the high school teacher gauntlet. Some graduates were in disbelief of their great achievement. Some expressed joy as they hugged their favorite teachers. Some, with set jaws, were ready to begin their new future. 



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