An early Christmas gift for 3rd graders: Rotarians deliver dictionaries to students

Lewistown third graders Kiera Southard and Tayson Luna show off their new dictionaries. Photot by Jacques Rutten

Christmas is still a day away, but third graders all across Central Montana received an early gift from the Lewistown Rotary Club. 

Local Rotarians have made it their goal to put a book in the hands of every third grade student in Lewistown and 14 surrounding schools. And these are no ordinary dictionaries. In addition to word definitions, the books also have more than 150 pages of great information, including everything from the U.S. Constitution, the periodic table of elements, information about every state and president, every country and continent, calendars, planets and more. One of the students’ favorite pages is the last one where they get to see the world’s longest word at 1,909 characters.

This is the eighth year the local Rotary Club has delivered dictionaries. It’s part of a larger national effort by Rotarians to give a dictionary to every third-grader in the country and around the world. 



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