Elementary poems, a compilation

Fifth Grade:

H.D. Underwood – haiku

A tree lost its leaves

Dogs are chasing a cougar

The cougar is mad


Emma Lou Slivka – haiku


Open land, fresh air

Small country house on a hill

A summer storm comes


Wade Tungesvick – haiku

A weird little kid

Has too much for lunch. Now he

Is sick as a dog.


Lily Fordyce – haiku

A spring flower blooms

As a gentle rain falls.

ARainbow starts to show


Joely Bristol – limerick


There once was a dog named Ringo

He was a very young dingo

He was so funny

He liked to eat gummies

That silly old dog named Ringo


Isabelle Heggem – limerick

There once was a fox named Lenny

He’d eat all the chickens named Jenny

He was such a charmer

But not to the farmer

So he was skinned and sold for a penny


Laynee Elness – limerick

There once was a boy from Texas

Who bought some Cheddar Chex Mix

He went to the store

For a lot, lot more

Now he can make his own Cheddar Chex Mix




Sixth Grade:


Xander Rich limerick and haiku

The Newt

There once was a newt who liked to eat stew

With carrots and lots of broth too

He ate way too much

And now he is such

A fat newt the bird wants him too


at Bird

Fat bird in the sky

Comes to visit me today

Wait chickens don’t fly


Tucker Regier – limerick

There was a very sad clown

Who always had a big frown

He played with balloons

And listened to tunes

But couldn’t turn his frown upside down


Ethan Carlstrom – limerick

There once was boy named Doy

He liked to play with a toy

He knew a man Dan

He liked Dan the man

Hanging out with Dan game him joy


Ella Shultz – haiku


Friendship is yellow

Pink roses are gentleness

Red roses are love


Lexie Goettlich – haiku

Spring day

The sky is light blue

Flowers are blooming. Then a

Lightning storm comes by



5th Graders and Mrs. Fordyce – haiku

The gentle snow falls

Cold, bitter wind blows a skier

Into a rock



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