Essay contest winners

Editor’s Note: Central Montana students were invited to write about their most memorable summer family experience for the Central Montana Jaycees’ Essay Contest. The contest had four divisions: grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-12. Not all divisions received entries. The essays printed here represent this year’s contest grand prizewinners. Grand prizewinners receive a day at the Central Montana Fair for themselves and their immediate family, and to have their essays printed in the News-Argus. We have attempted to print each essay as close as possible to the original wording. 

The not so great camping trip



One bright morning we were heading to go camping. We are a family of five with one dog. Us kids were complaining ìHow much longer?î ìI donít know,î Daddy would say. It was taking a long time to get there. We were in the middle of nowhere. Finally we found a map box. We looked and looked at it, but it was no help. There was nowhere to turn around since we were pulling a 26 foot camper. The road was just a trail through rough, rocky, and hilly land. It was hard for my dad to not wreck the camper on the steep slopes and tight curves. My mom and sisters even screamed a few times! We didnít know if we missed a turn or if we had to keep on going down the long weary road. My dad said that it shouldnít be so far away, so we finally found a field to turn around in and then we headed back home. Finally we came to an intersection where we saw a truck coming over the other road. We asked the guys if the road with no sign was the road that led to the camp-ground. And it was! The sign had fallen in a ditch! So we went ahead to the campground and fished and had a good time! It took us 5 hours instead of two to get there, but our trusty Jayflight camper did survive! The End


The greatest summer

By RODDY MCCLURE | Roy School, Third Grade


I will never forget the summer of 2015!!!! It was an awfully hot day! It was hot like a stove! Our family decided to take a trip to Nelson Creek on Fort Peck Lake. Some cool water and fun would feel nice. We made our awesome journey to the lake. We had to set up camp, then we had to wait for my sister. She had the boat, so we waited... and waited. So far, it was the best day ever. Anyway, I knew it would be the best day ever.

I was so happy because my sister was with the boat and she finally showed up. We unloaded the boat, and all of us got into the red, black, and white boat. Then, I heard a fish jump. We moved to the middle of the creek. All of a sudden, my sister caught a big pike! I knew the fish that I would catch would be bigger!

One hour later, I was really getting bored. Then, all of a sudden, I got a snag. I reeled the line in, and then I saw a huge fish on my hook! My sister grabbed the line and said, ìThe line is going to break.î So, she grabbed the net and scooped my northern pike into the net. It was a much larger fish than my sisterís.

That enormous northern pike changed my life. It was 5 feet long, and it weighed 40 pounds! It was truly the best day of my life!


Palm trees and ocean breezes



Once my family and I went to Florida we saw Dolphins, Squid, and Fish. Once we got to the beach we all gasped.

We got out of the car the sunset was beatufull! There were shells all over. The white sand made the sun look gold.

The next day I was up at 5 Am. I went straight to the beach but I did not know I was in my pJs. So I went back to the condo to get dressed. Then I went to the beach -- right away I saw a star fish, sea urchins, and clams. After that my sister came down with a fishing pole; she gave one to me and I caught a Jack!

We used the tack for bait; then I caught a Drum! It was brown with black stripes. We flaited it. After that we cooked it. It tasted like salmon. We went back to fish more; then I caught a Pufferfish --we let it go. So I started to look for seashells; I only found a sand doller. Then I went to the pool. I prakticed flies, swiming, and diveng then I went to the condo and went to sleep.

The next day I was up at 6 AM. I went fishing but I had no luck. So I went to get fireworks, and I saw captin curts so I tryied some clame chowder. It tasted amazing.

Then we went to Venice beach to go shark teeth hunting. I found 21 shark teeth. My cousins found 81 all together. My brother fond 19 shark teeth. My sister found 11 shark teeth.

My unkle was getting Maryied. We went to a restront. There was ham, salad, potatos, beef, and rolls. Then the recepcen was at the beach there was cake, ice cream, banana splits, and apple cider. After that we went to the beach and watched the sun go down. When it did my unkle dunkded his wife in the ocen. Then my aunt pulled him in the ocean and we all laughed.


The speedy speeder


 Roy School, Second Grade


I will always remember traveling to sparkling Crystal Lake! It was summer. The sun was like lava bursting on me. My family and I had a joyful ride, and then we finally arrived. We were staying two soothing nights in a microscopic cabin. When Mom and I woke up, we went up to a small store.

When the rest of my family got to the small store, my little sister and I made a bet that whoever won would get to ski on the kidís skis first. About one hour later, Grandma and Grandpa were at the small store. I ran to the boat, but my little sister beat me. I was so embarrassed. I stepped onto the boat. I heard what sounded like a train, but then I found out it was the boat! We went full speed ahead!!!

When my family and I were almost a mile away from the small store, Dad turned up the show. He was awesome! Then, it was my turn. I wasnít used to the skis, but that was okay. After that, my big sister went on the skis. She was cool, but I was cooler! My little sister was so scared. We took a break. I asked Mom if I could have some chips, but she said, ìNo.î Back to the boat and we were off to go skiing again.

I went waterskiing first. This time, it was very fun. I liked it! My little sisterís turn was up, and she was better than the last time she skied. Dad impressed us again when he showed off on the skis. He tried it again, and it was just the same. Grandpa went on the skis, and he was good. I was so tired.

We had another long break. I rested on the boat. I had a blast on the skis. The boat went faster and faster. My hands felt like weak paper. I asked for slower, but the boat went faster. Then, a wave with a jump. Grandma yelled, ìLook at the speedy speeder!î



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