Experience counts in Supreme Court clerk race

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dear Editor,

Republicans and Democrats alike should and do support Rex Renk for clerk of the Montana Supreme Court. Unlike most elected positions, the office is not about politics or setting policy. The office protects public access to Montana’s highest court, preserves court records and assists the public with their cases. Of the three candidates running, Rex Renk is the only qualified candidate.

The role of the independent Supreme Court clerk is not about politics or setting public policy. Rex knows that. As the Deputy Clerk of Court for over 23 years, Rex has responsibly and professionally performed the constitutional, statutory and court-ordered duties while protecting public access to court records, licensing Montana’s attorneys, and assisting the court and the public with their cases.

Rex has been endorsed by all seven retired Montana Supreme Court Justices, the current clerk, Ed Smith, and by numerous attorneys and community leaders from both political parties and from all over Montana.

Rex Renk is the only choice for this important office. I urge you to join me by voting for Rex Renk for Montana Supreme Court Clerk.

Tom Meissner




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