Fairgrounds OK enables ‘ghost out’

Jenny Gessaman

A unanimous vote by the Fergus County Fair Commission helped the Central Montana Youth Challenge finalize this year’s “ghost out.”

Speaking on behalf of the group, Troy Eades described the event as a simulated car accident, complete with emergency personnel and an emergency medical airlift.

“This year, they’re going to do a mock car crash,” he said. “We were wondering if the Fairgrounds would donate the use of the arena and the sound system for half an hour.”

Eades added the demonstration, set for March 29, was being held before prom to remind students of the dangers of distracted driving and encourage them to stay alert.

“The problem right now is we anticipate having 500 plus students, and when you have that many, people in the back can’t see anything,” he said.

Eades said all glass would be removed from the vehicles before they entered the arena, and promised the group would clean up any oil or debris from the simulation.

The Fergus County Fair Commission unanimously approved a motion to let the group use the arena and sound system free of charge.


In other business

• Mike Pallett resigned from the Fergus County Fair Commission.

• During the financial report, member Connie Ahlgren reported the Commission had used 85 percent of their budget for the fiscal year, which ends June 30.

• The Fergus County Fair Commission approved a total of $4,826.15 in claims.

• Fergus County Fairgrounds Office and Grounds Administrator Faith Robertson reported the Clay Walker night show had sold 384 tickets for a total of $13,231.80. She added that last year at this time, the Travis Tritt night show had sold 491 tickets for a total of $20,183.



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