Farm in the Dell answer to “what if?”

Dear Editor,
Have you ever thought about “what if” you could live independently, “what if” you could be a contributing member of your local community, “what if” you could raise some of your own food while living in the country and “what if” you could do all this while still supporting yourself? Those are the benefits a person with an intellectual disability can achieve by living at the Heart of Montana Farm in the Dell.
What is the Farm in the Dell, you ask? It’s an agricultural-based forever home for individuals with a disability, and, yes, all those “what ifs” can be achieved through the Farm in the Dell. Our community has an opportunity to assist in providing this type of forever home to individuals who are part of our local community and are contributing members of our area. The Heart of Montana Farm in the Dell is an opportunity to assist individuals with a disability and provide them a forever home so they can be contributing to our community, living independently and providing a service to all.
Many of you may have seen our float in the Fourth of July parade and are looking for more information on how to volunteer, assist with the project, have land or a house to share, you are a builder, have a cow or two to spare, or you just want to be part of enriching our community; well, we’d love to have you contact us. To learn more come to our monthly meetings, our next one is July 11. If you miss the July meeting we’ll meet again on Aug. 8 at St. James Episcopal Church, 6 p.m.
Our local community will be enriched by the Heart of Montana Farm in the Dell; so “what if” you are looking for a heartwarming experience; “what if” you want to learn more about Farm in the Dell; “what if” you want to enhance the lives of others or “what if” you just want to learn more: Get in touch with us on Facebook or come to the next meeting.
Kaylene Patten



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