Fergus County to have school trustee election in May


The regular school election in Fergus County will be held on Tuesday, May 2. Forms for Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy for a trustee position may be picked up from the school district clerk. When completed, return them to your district clerk.

The deadline for filling out a Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy is March 23.

To be a candidate for trustee nominee, one must be a registered voter in the district in which they reside.

On April 12, absentee ballots will be available. Voters may request an absentee ballot starting at this date until noon the day before election (May 1.) The school district clerk will file your request and on April 12, ballots will be made available to vote absentee in person or by mail.


The following terms for trustee positions in Fergus County are up for election:

Lewistown School District # 1:

Shelley Poss – 3 yr.

Troy Kelsey – 3 yr.

Kris Birdwell – 3 yr.

Deerfield School District # 15:

Daniel D. Stahl – 2 yr.

Deborah Stahl – 3 yr.

Grass Range School District # 27:

Margie Matovich – 3 yr.

Wendy Delaney – 3 yr.


King Colony School District # 40:

Amanda Hofer – 3 yr.


Moore School District # 44:

Daniel James Horan – 3 yr.

Jeremy Pulse – 3 yr.

Andrea Martin – 1 yr.


Roy School District # 74:

Tammy L. Gindheim – 3 yr.


Denton School District # 84:

Heather DeVries – 3 yr.

Pat Ward – 3 yr.


Spring Creek School District # 104:

Kathy Walter – 3 yr.


Winifred School District # 115:

Matthew R. Wickens – 3 yr.

Erin Slivka – 3 yr.


Ayers School District # 222:

Eric Stahl – 3 yr.



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