Fergus seniors earn over $400,000 in college scholarship money


Fergus High School Senior Sheanna Larson walks down the halls of Garfield Elementary for the Lewistown School District’s grad walk Wednesday.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Fergus seniors earn over $400,000 in college scholarship money

On Sunday at 2 p.m., Fergus High School will begin its 117th graduation exercise at the FHS Fieldhouse. Later in the ceremony, 76 seniors’ names will be called as they are presented with their high school diplomas. But on Tuesday, May 16, many of these seniors and other FHS students were recognized for their achievements during the Student Awards Night.

FHS Principal Jeff Elliott was the master of ceremonies on May 16, and before recognizing the achievements of the FHS students, he shared some interesting stats about this year’s Class of 2017. Elliott mentioned that of the 76 graduates, 46 are on the honor roll, 20 were enrolled in the honors curriculum and 15 belong to the National Honor Society. The average GPA of the Class of 2017 is 3.13, with 51 graduates planning on attending college.

Total scholarship money for the class is around $430,000 with $253,000 in self-reported scholarships and the rest in scholarships awarded during the Tuesday evening ceremony.


Outstanding attendance

Students were not just recognized for their scholarships but for many other reasons. For example, 46 students at Fergus High School were recognized for outstanding attendance by missing 4 periods or less for the entire year. Students receiving certificates for perfect attendance were Marie Brunkhorst, Allison Denton, Monte Ray Fogle, Ashley Hoskinson, Nicole Prindle and William Watson.


Senior Jonathan Chen was recognized as the 26th National Merit Scholar at Fergus High School. Chen and Kayla Irish were presented as the U.S. Presidential Scholar candidates.


Activity or class presidents

Student Council Advisor Jessica Miller awarded certificates to the following individuals who were either activity or class presidents: Student Council-Nicholas Sweeney; Class of 2017-Siri Pederson; Class of 2018-Lissy Southworth; Class of 2019-Ashley Brand; Class of 2020-Sam Fulbright; National Honor Society-Kayla Irish; FFA-Mikayla Comes; FCCLA-Siri Pederson; F-Club-Cole Ayers; Key Club-Kayla Irish; BPA-Summer Elmore; Skills USA-Nicholas Sweeney; Outdoor Club-Kai Krumwiede; Spanish Club-Emily Eckhardt; YPR-Charlie Bray and HOW Club-Carley Carpenter.


Central Montana Youth Mentoring Program senior recognition

Central Montana Youth Mentoring Program Advisor Angela Woolett recognized the following seniors for their years of being a mentor:

One year: Cassidy Bawden, Kale Kynett

Two years: Shaylyn Barnes, Ade Lensing, Melissa Mueller

Three years: Kayla Irish, Madelyn Kirsch, Camryn Vaughn

Four years: Cole Ayers, Sam Butcher, Traci McGill, Siri Pederson.


Other awards

Principal’s Cup: Assistant Principal Jeff Friesen recognized the following students for participating in the Principal’s Cup: *Kayla Irish, *Jonathan Chen, Camryn Vaughn, Ethan Day, Lissy Southworth, Megan Sweeney, Caleb Russell, Sam Fulbright, Emalee MacBlane and Haiden Collins (*state participants).

Fergus finished third of 36 teams at the regional level and was fourth at state against all team regardless of MHSA classification.

AP government teacher Luke Brandon presented the following awards.

Academic World Quest: Jonathan Chen, Jaden Flugge, Katerina Heiser, Kayla Irish, Jessica Kelley, Kale Kynett, Andrew Lalum, Hunter Schell, Nicholas Sweeney, Alexia Ungles, Camryn Vaughn and Taylor Woods.

Model United Nations: Jaden Flugge, Abigail Gatz, Katerina Heiser, Kayla Irish, Jessica Kelley, Kale Kynett, Andrew Lalum, Hunter Schell, Nicholas Sweeney, Alexia Ungles, Camryn Vaughn and Taylor Woods.

We The People: Shaylyn Barnes, Carley Carpenter, Jonathan Chen, Candis Gray, Kayla Irish, Jessica Kelley, Madelyn Kirsch, Ade Lensing, Madison Lewis, Kailey Metcalf, Siri Pederson, Jozee Plouffe, Ryley ritchey, Madison Rodgers, Jarrod Russell, Nicholar Sweeney, Alexia Ungles, Camryn Vaughn, Scott Weeden and Taylor Woods.

Family and Consumer Science Awards: Family and consumer science teacher Sue Netzger presented Charlene Inselman with the Culinary Genius award and Roni Mosaner the FCS champion award.


Siri Pederson was announced as the KRTV Student of the Week by Principal Elliott. Elliott also announced Jonathan Chen as a Great Falls Tribune Academic and Leadership All-Star.

School counselor Karen Durbin awarded certificates to Emily Eckhardt and Greg Fulbright as FHS girls’ and boys’ state delegates.

Tim Robertson presented Rotary Youth Leadership awards to Shelby Long and Silas Watson.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen award for FHS was presented to Siri Pederson by Durbin.

Student Council president Nicholas Sweeney recognized Adrienna DeCock as the FHS teacher of the year as voted on by the FHS student body.

Students receiving an ACT award by receiving a 30 or higher score on the ACT were Jonathan Chen, Kayla Irish, Madelyn Kirsch, Jarrod Russell, Clay Smith and Nicholas Sweeney.


Military awards

Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete award: Cole Ayers and Carley Carpenter.

United States Air Force Math and Science award: Jonathen Chen and Kayla Irish.

Military award:  Chase Matthews-Army presented by SSG Mark Woods.


Self-reported college scholarships

The following scholarships were reported by FHS seniors.

Jonathan Chen-MSU-Bozeman: National Merit scholarship-$2,500; MUS scholarship-tuition waiver.

Sam Butcher-Montana Tech: Montana Tech football scholarship-$1,300; Marcus Daly Silver scholarship-$2,500.

Carley Carpenter-University of Montana-Missoula: academic scholarship-$3,000.

Haiden Collins-Rocky Mountain College: athletic scholarship-$2,500; trustee scholarship of $15,000 X 4 = $60,000.

Mikayla Comes-Montana State University-Bozeman: MUS Premier scholarship-$2,500; FFA Association scholarship (state officer)-$3,000; FFA Leave A Legacy scholarship-$500; livestock scholarship-$1,500.

Summer Elmore-Montana State University-Bozeman: Premier scholarship-$1,000.

Drake Henson-Montana State University-Billings: MSU track and field scholarship-$5,000; MSU Billings academic scholarship-$1,000.

Kayla Irish-University of Montana-Missoula: Presidential Leadership scholarship and annual stipend-$37,492; MUS scholarship-$4,373/year X 4 = $17,492.

Madelyn Kirsch-Washington State University: Cougar academic award-$10,000 renewable = $40,000; future Cougars Distinction scholarship-$1,000.

Kai Krumwiede-Montana State University-Northern: tuition and room waiver-$2,000; alumni scholarship-$1,000; Legends scholarship-$1,000; Gold Merit scholarship-$1,000; Central Montana JSEC scholarship-$500; Knights of Columbus scholarship-$500.

Ade Lensing-Montana State University-Bozeman: Premier scholarship-$1,500.

Alicia Luna-Montana State University-Billings: MSU-Billings scholarship-$250.

Traci McGill-Northwest College: WEUE scholarship-$3,000.

Siri Pederson-Augustana University: Augustana College scholarship-$14,500 x 4 = $58,000; Dean scholarship-$1,500 X 4 = $6,000.

Ryley Ritchey-University of Montana-Missoula: U of M academic scholarship-$3,000.

Joshuah Clay Smith-Mississippi State University: non-resident tuition scholarship-$10,500 X 4 = $58,000; Dean scholarship-$1,500 X 4 = $6,000.

Camryn Vaughn-University of Montana-Missoula: U of M scholarship-$3,000.


Central Montana area scholarships

A number of scholarships from throughout Central Montana were awarded to members of the senior class.

2017 Central Montana Youth Mentor scholarships: Sam Butcher-$350; Cole Ayers-$350; Kayla Irish-$250; Ade Lensing-$200.

Fergus Federal Credit Union scholarship: Cassidy Bawden-$500.

Job Service Employment Council scholarship: Kai Krumwiede-$500.

Hannah Bragg Education scholarship: Abigail Gatz-$500.

Lewistown Education Association scholarship: Abigail Gatz-$500.

Moose scholarship: Shaylyn Barnes-$1,000.

Kiwanis scholarships: Kayla Irish-$1,500; Kai Krumwiede-$1,000; Mikayla Comes-$1,000; Ade Lensing-$1,000.

Masonic scholarship: Abigail Gatz-$600 X 4 = $2,400.

Rotary scholarship: Camryn Vaughn-$1,000.

Triumph scholarship: Trevor Ward-$1,000.

Jim Schultz scholarship: Mikayla Comes-$500.

Midrivers scholarships: Jordan Borgens-$1,000; Cole Ayers-$1,000.

Central Montana Manufacturing scholarship: Bradley Denton-$1,000.


Central Montana Foundation scholarships

Sandra Westhoff and Shirley Barrick presented scholarships, which are part of the Central Montana Foundation. Many of the scholarships are made possible by family members in memory of a loved one.

Rachel Schaffer: Taylor Woods-$600.

Audra Hegna: Cecilia Honeycutt-$1,500.

Don Romo: Cole Ayers-$500.

Brooks Community: Jordan Fogle-$1,100.

Central Montana Foundation Community Service: Kayla Irish-$600.

Helen Hruska-Schultz: Celia Honeycutt-$200.

Dr. Frank and Patty Thompson: Mikayla Comes-$1,000; Kayla Irish-$1,000.

Pat Descheemaeker: Haiden Collins-$500; Kai Krumwiede-$500.

Dorothy Ileene Eklund: Ryley Ritchey-$1,500.

Clarence and Mildred Smith: Carley Carpenter-$1,500; Cassidy Bawden-$1,500; Ade Lensing-$1,500.

Ray and Nikoline Marr: Kayla Irish-$3,000; Siri Pederson-$2,000; Madelyn Kirsch-$2,000; Kai Krumwiede-$2,000; Nicholas Sweeney-$500; Shaylyn Barnes-$500.

Class of 1935 scholarships: $1,500 each-Cole Ayers, Cassidy Bawden, Carley Carpenter, Haiden Collins, Mikayla Comes, Bradley Denton, Abigail Gatz, Madelyn Kirsch, Kai Krumwiede, Kale Kynett, Traci McGill, Melissa Mueller, Trent Parsons, Siri Pederson, Clay Smith, Nicholas Sweeney, Camryn Vaughn, Trevor Ward.

Tom and Ellen Moe: Mikayla Comes-$500.

Evelyn Beatty: Jonathan Chen-$1,600 X 4 = $6,400.

Maude Del Pimlott: Sam Butcher-$2,500 X 4 = $10,000.


Following the presentation of the awards and scholarships, refreshments were served in the lobby at FHS.







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