Fergus SkillsUSA takes home first, third and bronze

Fergus High School’s SkillsUSA team, consisting of Matthew Welsh, Nathan Kindzerski, Logan McQuinn, Paige Myers, Emily Eckhardt, Brady Slaughter and Nicholas Sweeney, went to Havre April 3-6 for their state competition.

Over the three-day competition, students not only competed in their individual events, but attended group ceremonies and learned more about the organization. They were able to watch the retirement of their advisor of many years, Loren Drivdahl, and saw more into the inner workings of SkillsUSA.

With a college and high school board of executives, it is one-size-fits-all, focusing on tasks such as welding and construction.

Three people were victorious: Nicholas Sweeney taking first in Extemporaneous Speech and third in Prepared; and Paige Myers and Emily Eckhardt received bronze for their Promotional Bulletin Board. Everyone else placed in their events.



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