Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet Thursday in Helena

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will work through a diverse agenda at their meeting Feb. 15 at Montana WILD in Helena.

The agenda includes final decisions on the full slate of biennial big game season proposals, endorsement considerations for water right leases, and proposals for changes at two fishing access sites.

The Commission meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. and will be streamed live via video to all FWP regional offices. The meeting will also be audio streamed online at

The Commission will make final decisions on the following topics:

• Holter Lake fishing contest appeal

• Little Belt Creek instream flow water rights lease

• 2018 fishing regulations changes: Newlan Creek Reservoir kokanee salmon snagging season and Canyon Ferry walleye harvest.

• Future fisheries improvement projects, winter 2018 funding cycle

• Milwaukee Fishing Access Site/Montana Department of Transportation land use permit

• Horse Creek Complex conservation easement

• 2018/2019 Helena Urban Deer Plan quota range and quota

• 2018/2019 deer hunting seasons

• Expansion of youth deer hunt

• 2018/2019 elk hunting seasons

• Annual adoption of elk seasons in the original (43) hunting districts with shoulder seasons in 2016

• 2018/2019 antelope hunting seasons

• 2018/2019 moose/bighorn sheep/mountaingoat/bison hunting seasons

• 2018/2019 black bear/mountain lion hunting seasons

• 2018/2019 wolf hunting season, quotas and landowner take under Senate Bill 200 quotas

• 2018/2019 biennial quota ranges

• 2018/2019 turkey and upland game bird regulations and quotas

• 2018/2019 hunting district boundaries for all


• 2018/2019 hunting season dates

• 2018/2019 game damage/management season/wildlifehealth/special chronic wasting disease hunt quotas

• Criteria for exception on ban on ungulate urine from chronic wasting disease – positive states (per SB173)

• Direction to department for no grizzly bear hunt in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

The Commission will also look at endorsing the following:

• Mulherin Creek instream flow water rights lease renewal

• Big Creek instream flow water rights lease renewal

• Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

• 50-year memorandum of understanding for the Helena Valley Reservoir with the Bureau of Reclamation

The Commission will hear the following proposals:

• 2018/2019 peregrine falcon falconry take

• Seasonal closure of White Bear Fishing Access Site

• River safety closure to replace bridge at Bonner on the Blackfoot River

• Fishing access site permit/lease with Montana Department of Transportation on Yellowstone River.

FWP ensures its meetings are fully accessible to those with special needs. To request arrangements call FWP at (406) 444-3186.

For the full agenda and background on the scheduled topics, go to the FWP website at; under “Quick Links” click “Commission.”

FWP’s website offers live streamed audio of each F and W commission meeting. The public can also view a live television feed of the meeting at FWP regional offices.

Montana WILD is located at 2668 Broadwater Ave. in Helena.



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