Flatwillow News

Raye Anne Lund

Here it is the end of summer, and Flatwillow Homemakers will be starting our new year. Our first meeting will be Sept. 13 at Melody’s home (Jim Johnke’s.) We will reveal secret sisters and draw for new secret sisters, fill out our program books and pick which day we would like to host our meeting. It will be fun to see everyone again and get caught up on the news and what has been happening this busy summer.

School here in Winnett started on Aug. 24. Football and volleyball practice began Friday, Aug. 12; Cross-country practice began Aug. 15. The back-to-school picnic was held at the school on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 6 p.m. The first PIE meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 6. The year has barely begun and the calendar is already filling up.

Donna Lund took a little vacation the first of June. She went with her daughter, Terrena, and kids to The Dalles in Oregon to visit family. They did some sightseeing, saw where the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean come together and did a lot of visiting. Donna’s two sisters and two brothers live in that area so they all got together to laugh, joke and swap stories.

As school is in full swing, kids are heading out for school and sports, please watch and drive carefully. Our kids are our most important blessing and we want them to be safe as they begin a new year and new adventures.

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer, that all our cows and calves are healthy, and we all had good hay crops and harvest. Enjoy this cooler weather and some much needed rain.


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