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Super Bowl Sunday

What a game. I was really hoping to see Atlanta win. I’m not really a fan of either team, but was kind of hoping for Atlanta. The Patriots really came alive in the second half and made a very good game of it. Congratulations to the New England Patriots.

Flatwillow Homemakers met on Jan. 10 at Donna Lund’s home. Birthdays celebrated for the month of January were Arlene, Shirle, Sandi and Florence. Happy Birthday, to all of you.

Donna read the thought for the day called “An amazing two-letter English word.” Roll call was answered with a favorite dessert recipe. Donna asked them to be written down and she will compile a booklet for everyone with all the desserts.

The county agent from Lewistown didn’t come today because of the weather. She will plan on attending the March meeting, which will be at Jean’s home. It was very cold and there was a lot of snow on the ground. A discussion was had on where we want to donate our money. We weren’t able to buy Christmas gifts for seniors off the senior tree in Billings this year so we voted to donate to Angela’s Piazza. It is a shelter located in Billings for abused women and children.

After some discussion, it was decided we would make table favors for Easter to give to the seniors. Raye Anne won the blind pig. Everyone checked out the opportunity table.

The next meeting will be at Bonnie Moore’s on Feb. 14. She wants roll call to be answered with your favorite old-time movie and why it is your favorite.

Birthday gifts for secret sisters were handed out. Donna reminded everyone to bring their card fronts for St. Jude’s to her. She has a box going and will send it the end of February. She will start a new box and will accept card fronts all year long to put in the box.

Jean Cook, Lillian Moore, Ginger Moore, Bonnie Moore, Luann Knutson, Linda Gershmel, Melody Whitcher, Raye Anne Lund, Donna Lund, Jean Cook, Florence Wacker and Sandi Gonzalez were all present. Arlene and Shirle didn’t come to this meeting due to the weather and how cold it was. Hope the weather is better and they can make the February meeting. We always miss anyone when one isn’t able to be here.

We said goodbye to another longtime member and rancher of our community. Bob Weingart passed away. We send our sympathy to the Weingart family. Also, Kim Doman’s grandmother Nona Nordahl Davenport Nunn passed away. Our sympathy to Kim and her family also. We’ve had to say goodbye to way too many family, friends and neighbors in our communities of Winnett and Grass Range.

There was a meeting on Jan. 18 at the Community Center in Lewistown regarding the roundabout that the state wants to put in at the Grass Range Junction. Over 200 people were in attendance. The overwhelming consensus was they felt the money being spent on the roundabout was a waste when there are so many other roads that need worked on.

The Winnett High School Honor society will be visiting the seniors the second Thursday of every month. They will interact with our older citizens and play games, cards, or just visit. It is wonderful so the young people of our community can get to know our older people of the community.

There is work being done on a “Farm to Table” program for our school hot lunch program. Committee members are Cassie Brinkerhoff, Babs Lea, Stuart Skinner, Jody Weller, Charlie Ahlgren and Walt Stevens. This committee is dedicated to pursuing local grown beef to be served in the hot lunch program at school. The goal of the committee is to provide roughly 2,000 lbs. or four to five animals worth of donated beef from local cattle producers each year. There are already enough beef donations to finish out this year and a good start for next year. It is the hope enough cattle producers will be interested that there can be a rotation, so that everyone interested is able to donate. There are also ways for non-producers to help out with money, time, transportation or grain donations. If anyone is interested in more information or wishes to donate, please contact Charlie Ahlgren at 429-7040, or Cassie Brinkerhoff at 429-2506.

I’m sure some of us are getting ready to calve right away. I hope the weather cooperates and winter will give us a break. While I love snow and prefer colder weather, I am ready for the snow and ice to be gone and be warmer, especially with calving right around the corner. The year has gone by so fast. It is hard to think that Valentine’s Day is next week. 

Basketball season is winding down. There is one more week of regular season and then tournaments start. The district tournaments will be in Lewistown Feb. 16-18.  Jr. High basketball practices are underway and their season has begun. Before we have time to catch our breath, track season begins, prom is coming up, and our seniors are filling out scholarship applications and getting ready for college.

Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy. Enjoy each moment; it is gone in an instant. See you next time.



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