Flood plain permit for Machler bridge approved

Fergus County Commissioners approved a flood plain permit Wednesday evening to allow construction of a pedestrian bridge over Spring Creek, part of the Machler creek restoration project.

The bridge will be constructed north of the City’s sewer treatment plant, allowing trail access to the Machler section of Spring Creek. The bridge will be built on property owned by FWP as well as property owned by Mark Machler. Machler agreed to the construction and has put a conservation easement on that portion of his property.

County Flood Plain Administrator Pam Vosen told the commissioners she had spoken with the City, with the Trails Coordinating Committee and with Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and all were in agreement with the conditions of approval.

City Manager Holly Phelps, FWP Fisheries Biologist Clint Smith and landowner Mark Machler were in attendance at the meeting and all verbally assured the commissioners they supported the permit being issued.

The commissioners approved the flood plain permit unanimously.



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