Forest Grove News

by Bobbie Cox

The Forest Grove Bible Church will have a sisth Sunday service. Reverend David and Ella Iverson will be able to attend. We would like to sit and visit over brunch. Our services are on the first and third Sundays and the Iversons usually have to hurry off to conduct services at Winnett.  On July 31, they can stay and fellowship as Winnett has a 7 p.m. sing along on that Sunday.
Join Forest Grove Church at 9 a.m. with brunch to follow. Those who want to contribute please bring fruit, breads, thermos of coffee, juices, or anything that makes a breakfast.
If the weather is un-cooperative, we will eat in the community center.
Plates, cups and silverware are furnished. If you don’t make it to the 9 a.m. service please come join us after 10 a.m.
Jump ropes, balls and stick horses are also welcome, as well as guests and visitors.


Where is your favorite place to go camping in Central Montana?