Former teacher, former student unite for concert


This Saturday, Steven Ray Hughes of Lewistown is sharing the stage at the Clint Loomis Gallery with not just any Savannah, Georgia singer-songwriter.
Damon Mailand, known best for fronting the outlaw/traditional country band Damon and the Sh*tkickers, will sit down in Lewistown with Hughes, his former mentor and art teacher.
Back in Harlem, Montana, where Mailand grew up, he and Hughes formed a unique bond over guitars and country music. Through the years, as Mailand continued to develop, the two started playing together. First it was cover songs, now it’s original material as well.
Hughes, who retired to Lewistown in 2011, has kept in touch with Mailand, who has lived in Georgia close to 10 years, where he went to luthier school and now works as production manager for Benedetto Guitars.
Whenever Damon comes back home to Montana (which happens every summer, as he so often sings about), the two always try to get together. This has led to some impromptu jam sessions at friends’ homes and even the old Empire Café.
Returning to Montana again this weekend, Hughes and Mailand thought they’d do something a little different: play a show specifically dedicated to the art of songwriting.
Beginning at 7 p.m., the show is called “Songwriters in the Round” and will feature, as Hughes calls it, “down home Americana folk country.”
The Clint Loomis Gallery is located at 221 West Main Street. The event is free, but donations are welcome.


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