Free yourself from dieting forever?

The Montana State University, Fergus County Extension Service is pleased to offer a six-week, insightful and life-changing program called, “Steps to A New You.”

You will learn how to:

• Shift your focus from weight to health

• Cope with emotions without using food

• Honor your hunger with gentle nutrition

• Enjoy physical activity every day

• Respect body-size diversity – yours and others

• Set individual goals

The class is taught by Denise Seilstad, MSU extension agent, and will meet during the noon hour at Zion Lutheran Church, 604 W. Evelyn St., Lewistown, once a week for six weeks, beginning March 14th. The fee for the course covers a book, an exercise band and handouts.

To register, call the Extension Office, 535-3919, by March 9.


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