Freshman letter to senior self is enlightening

Jena Gallagher
Fergus High Journalism Student

Fergus High School’s freshman English teacher, Jessica Vallincourt, does an assignment at the beginning of every year called “Freshman Letter to your Senior Self,” and in the last couple of weeks of senior year, she hands them back.

When asked about where she got the idea, Mrs. Vallincourt replied, “My freshman English teacher in high school did the same assignment, and I loved reading mine as a senior.”

She recently handed them back to Melanie Smith’s senior English class.

Ms. Smith said, “[Her seniors] had been asking me about them for weeks, and had been highly anticipating them, and it’s always fun to see their reactions. The thing that is pretty true across the board is that their goals and their friends have changed significantly in the past four years. I think that some of them would look up to their senior selves, but the majority expected things to play out differently than they have.”

Senior Jessica Kelley stated, “I thought it was crazy how much I have changed and how much my ideas for and about myself changed. My friends have changed a little, but some of them are the same. My freshman self was scared of all the seniors, so I would probably be scared of myself now as a senior.”

Senior Sheanna Larson explained, “Yes, I was excited to get my letter back because I couldn’t remember what I had written, so it was a nice little flashback, and I thought my letter was very inspirational. It was nice to remember the friends and experiences with them back then. My friends have changed because as I grew up I started hanging out with different people. Siri and I are still pretty great friends. And I know if I ever needed any of my other friends that they would be there to help. I mentioned in my letter that I should live my life to make myself happy, and to stay positive, and I believe that I have lived up to that, therefore I think my freshman self would look up to me now.”

Last year as a freshman, I wrote a letter to my senior self, but I have no idea what to expect when I get my letter back. I do, however, have two more years of anticipation ahead.



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