Fulfilling to know commissioners listen to public

Dear Editor,

Today I attended the County Commissioners meeting concerning the proposed County ordinance against medical marijuana. The meeting was well attended; only two parties spoke out against medical marijuana and allowing it in the county. They are the Lewistown Police Department and the Moore Fire Department.

I was, for one time, proud to say I am from Fergus County. The County Commissioners killed the proposal. Not one County Commissioner even voted to bring it to a vote.

For seriously ill people like myself, I want to say thank you. I thank the commissioners for their time and all the effort they put in researching this much-needed medication. I thank them for not falling for the propaganda that has been pushed down our throats for the last 80 years, claiming that medical marijuana has no medicinal use. 

I thank them for caring about their constituents. It is very fulfilling to know that our County Commissioners do listen to the public, and not just law enforcement and the people who make money off putting people in jail for using a medication that is recommended by their doctors.

Eric Billings




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