Gapay, Southworth, Comes earn all-conference, all-state honors

Doreen Heintz
Sports Editor


Senior Karlie Southworth, along with Fergus juniors Dani Gapay and Mikaela Comes, were named to the Central A All-Conference squad and were also honored as members of the Class A All-State team. Golden Eagle players named to the all-conference second team were senior Nora Weichel, junior Carley Carpenter, and sophomore Kinsey Irvin.

Gapay led the Golden Eagles in hitting with a 0.444 batting average. She had five home runs and 20 RBIs for a slugging percentage of 0.778. Gapay, who played right field for Fergus, was also the cleanup hitter for the Golden Eagles.

Right behind Gapay in hitting was Southworth with a 0.443 batting average. Southworth also had five homeruns and 20 RBIs. She had a slugging percentage of 0.787. Southworth was a catcher for the Golden Eagles and has signed to play softball for the University of Great Falls in 2017. 

Comes, the team’s shortstop, batted 0.397 and had two homeruns and nine RBIs. She also scored 17 runs throughout the season and had a slugging percentage of 0.571.

Weichel played third base for Mike Mangold’s Golden Eagles. She batted in the leadoff spot in the lineup for most the season.

Carpenter was the main pitcher for Fergus this season. She ended the year with a 9-3 win-loss record from the circle. 

Irvin was the Golden Eagles’ second main pitcher of the season. Irvin finished the season with a 0.328 batting average and contributed six RBIs. Irvin finished the season with a 3-0 win-loss record for the Golden Eagles. 

Following is a complete listing for the all-conference and all-state selections from the Central A.


First team:

Gapay (A-S); Dani Wagner, Havre (A-S); Jordan Branch, Belgrade (A-S); Judy Taylor, Belgrade (A-S); Southworth (A-S); Kendall Bethke, Belgrade (A-S); Meghan Gibson, Park (A-S); Comes (A-S); Skyla Neubauer, Belgrade (A-S); Sierra Higgs, Park. (A-S = All-State).

Second team:

Carpenter; Skye Ingram, Belgrade; Jacey McDonald, Havre; Irvin; Micaela Murphy, Park; Weichel; Scout Boucher, Havre; Shania Neubauer, Belgrade; Ty Atwood, Belgrade.

Coach of the year: Justin Taylor, Belgrade.



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