Get behind Trump and the Republicans

Dear Editor,

We are being attacked again by Muslin terrorist killers. Contrary to what everyone else in the United States knows, President Obama refuses to call them what they are: Muslim terrorists. Makes one wonder why. This last guy in Orlando called up 911 to claim allegiance to ISIS right during the attack. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, calls itself a duck, probably a duck.

Let’s look at the reactions and suggested solutions from the two main political parties: The Democrats – led by Obama – want to start taking guns from legal, law-abiding citizens and bring in more Syrian refugees who are possible terrorists mixed in. Hillary [Clinton] has also said she wants to take away our guns and take in five times as many refugees as we do now. We are insane if we allow this. I’ve heard she has been taking tens of millions of dollars from Arab Muslim countries. Does that have a bearing on her pro-Muslim, or at least not anti-Muslim, stance?

The Republicans – led by Donald Trump – want us to keep our guns and slow down, or at least temporarily stop the flow of Muslim refugees into America. What, pray tell, is wrong with that? Which one do you think is going to keep us safer? Obama says it is crazy to have citizens with the same firepower as the terrorists. Really? Doesn’t that give us a fighting chance? We better get behind Trump and the Republicans, or we are done for. I hear our Democratic governor is bringing in Syrian Muslims right now.

On another note, I think Romney and a bunch of other backstabbing Republicans would be better off joining the Democrats. With their rotten attitude, they might as well join Hillary. They sure don’t belong on our side of the aisle. Let them take their garbage can full to the other side; that is who they are helping. May God bless and help us save America. Lord knows we need the help.

Norm Coleman




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